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Nicole spent over a decade guiding Silicon Valley organizations in making smart hiring decisions and developing passionate teams. She led interview training, coached on building a cohesive culture, and facilitated diversity awareness sessions before pivoting to the adult learning space where she began studying executives and how to cultivate growth in transformative ways. (Ask her about the sheep herding!)

Her day job is being a Manager of Learning and Development at a Fortune 100 (#15, if we’re being specific) technology company where she plans and executes wellbeing retreats for senior women leaders in peaceful locations outside the corporate boardroom.

As a lifelong lover of travel, she is passionate about artfully melding the excitement (and potential apprehension) of exploring new places with meaningful learning opportunities in a safe space.

In the first half of 2020 she’ll visit India, Costa Rica, Arizona, Thailand, and Switzerland in continuing studies on yoga, mindful self-compassion and meditation.

When not getting more stamps in her passport, she enjoys baking macarons (that’s macarons with one “o” —those delicate, can-be-difficult, French delights), practicing calligraphy and spending time with her one husband, two kids and three cats.


What is a Tentacles and Tea Journey? 

Inspiring, intentional, curious and charming experiences curated to help you explore yourself and the community around you.

Cool, but what does that really mean?

Our flagship program is a week-long Journey where you will meet people in a small-group setting and explore new ways of building resilience and happiness, experimenting with things like meditation and mindfulness through cooking classes, goat yoga or silent hikes.

Wait, goat yoga?!

YES! And no. Please check out the details for each Journey (page coming soon), as each one has a theme with varying activities. For “Foodie” think Farm-to-Table tour followed by a private cooking class; for “Small Business” you may meet inspiring women who left corporate America to pursue other dreams, and for “Animal Lover” you might experience goat yoga, equine therapy and shelter volunteering, oh my!

What is the schedule?

A typical day will include:

  • Breakfast
  • A wellbeing practice or community activity
  • Lunch
  • A wellbeing practice or community activity
  • Dinner together or a free evening

Hmm, that sounds pretty vague. What will the activities be?

Each journey will have a theme with varying activities. The themes will always be shared before you submit your application, so you’ll have an idea of your activities, but we will keep some a surprise. : )

As mentioned above, for “Foodie” think Farm-to-Table tour followed by a private cooking class; for “Small Business” you may meet inspiring women who left corporate America to pursue other dreams, and for “Animal Lover” you might experience goat yoga, equine therapy and shelter volunteering.

Will we be sitting in a conference room all day?

Nope! We are not a content-heavy, classroom-setting, learning experience. Much of the time we’ll be out exploring the culture and community.

Is this a yoga/mindfulness/spiritual retreat?

Although many of our programs have elements of looking inward, we will not dive deep on any one practice. Our programs are designed to give you the opportunity to explore what wellbeing ideas make sense for you and your life. We invite you to adopt an experimental mindset and come with an open mind, knowing you will likely find a few things that “click,” and you may find things you’ll never try again. This is by design. Be curious and open, and you just might surprise yourself!

Our goal is to give you time away where you’ll be introduced to activities off the beaten path, but also have time to breathe and be. We will take care of you and all the plans, so you can focus, be present, relax and rejuvenate.

Do I need to be an expert in yoga, meditation, etc.?

Nope! Zero knowledge about these practices is required.

What if I AM an expert in yoga, meditation, etc.?

We are delighted to welcome various backgrounds and skills. Our goal is to introduce you to new friends, a variety of wellbeing practices, and fun experiences.

Why did you choose the name Tentacles and Tea?

I’ve long been fascinated by octopuses (If you’re about to correct my usage of this word, please see the note below). : ) They are intelligent and curious; they are able to squeeze into tight spaces to escape or get something they want, puff themselves up in defense, camouflage themselves, even self-amputate a limb to escape a toxic situation.

I want to be more like an octopus. Be flexible yet strong. Know sometimes it’s right to flee; sometimes I should stand up for myself, and I might even need to cut off a part of my life that isn’t serving me.

Tea because it imbues a sense of decorum, and I’ve always loved the fancy fun a tea party brings: donning a feather fascinator, sampling delicious foods and spending time with friends.

Tentacles and Tea Journeys are quirky, merry explorations for your mind, body and soul.

Um, you’re an ignorant slob, the plural of octopuses is octopi (or octopodes).

Thanks for reading this far! Check out this video from Merriam Webster on the plural of “octopus.”



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